Quality, Service & Value

We offer great service and only use quality parts.

With 21 Years of experience we know what we are doing and will either install your new equipment or repair/service your existing equipment in a fast, efficient manner. All work is guaranteed and we will have you up and running as fast as possible…without breaking the bank.

Whilst we specialise in MARK compressor equipment, we have experience of most manufacturers and as we said with 21 years of experience, there is not mutch that we have not come accross with regards to service and repairs.

or maybe you want….

Testing or Health & safety inspection.

The failure of a piece of air compressor equipment can do far more than put a temporary halt to production. It can cause major damage to your premises, and injure or even kill.

For that reason, any business using air compressor equipment is required to comply with legislation designed to ensure that equipment is tested, maintained and certified by a “competent person”. KM Compressors gives you peace of mind that your equipment has been tested and meets the required regulations!

Maybe you want your pipework designing.

This can make your workshop super efficient. Let us design how your pipes should run to get the most out of your new installation.

Ask us for more information on all these services.

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