MSL 2.2-15 kW – the Compact screw compressor


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An affordable screw compressor for you: as simple and more cost effective than a piston

Our MSL 2.2-15 kW compact rotary screw compressor range is ideal for for applications such as winery, doors and windows shops, glassmaker, small artisans, and garage. It combines the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a piston with the durability, technology and energy efficiency of a screw compressor.

Cost efficiency

Up to 35% less in energy consumption in comparison to piston technology.

Compact and complete solution

It features a mounted receiver and integrated dryer (optional) to offer a complete solution to decrease installation cost, improve quality air and address space needs.

Reliable, easy to install

A plug & play solution easy to install.

Low maintenance costs

Easy access to all service components, long maintenance intervals to further help you decrease your costs.


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